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My .30 Luger, a 1920, German made, DWM gun with matching numbers except the magazine, is a great shooter, but a royal PITA to reload. It's that bottle neck case, with the overly short "neck" portion. That short neck makes it difficult to get bullets to hold tightly throughout the feed process. Crimping into a canelure is also problematic due to the thin brass. That said, the gun's easily capable of 1-1/4"gps at 30 yds from a rest.

In the pic below you can see the "straw" coloring on the safety and trigger. That color tends to fade with wear over the years, but not by much. I've had this one since 1990 and have put approximately 1000 rounds through it. With good success with both commercial and hand loaded ammunition. Commercial loads are getting harder and harder to find, so if you don't reload, I'd buy a good supply.

If you need close up pics, reply here and I'll post some in a follow on post.

If you hand load, again, buy all the components you can find. I bought 500 cases from Midway and 1500 93 gr FMJ bullet 15 years ago, figuring that sooner or later I'd need them. Luger cases, eject vertically and are especially easy to lose...mine eject easily 15 feet in the air with factory Winchester Western 93 gr FMJ's.

It's a good pistol with a long history, and the Swiss models that I've seen over years were especially well made...beautiful machining.

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