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just a follow up... my buddy has one of the canalure tools, which he has modified ( I think that's what retired tool & die guys do, when their buddies don't bring them projects to work on ) anyway, he added a couple features, one a set screw to hold the bullet precisely, so the groove can be cut in exactly the same place each time... I also found a place that had the Redding Profile Crimp die in stock...

I decided to load long, so I cut the crimp groove in the bullet at .015" from the base, then used the profile crimp die to roll crimp into the fresh cut bullet groove... this also allows me more space in the case, which should drop my pressures a little...

the cartridges actually look like 45 Win Mags with a rim... I'm using Longshot powder, & I used 45 Super load data, since the Blackhawk is a strong revolver...we're supposed to have a nice weekend for a change... I'm hoping to get a little shooting done... I have 4-5 new projects that need some test loads put through them...
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