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Why heavy bullets in 308?

It seems as though a lot of people are using very heavy bullets in their 308 for long range shooting, generally 166-175gr to get the highest BC possible.

Now Berger's website claims a BC of .515 for their 175gr target bullets.
Sierra's website claims a BC of .504 for their 155gr Palma matchking bullets.

Now I know that Palma rifles have very long barrels to push the lighter bullets much faster, but with such close BC's of the bullets and the ability to push the 155gr bullets faster would it not be better to use the lighter bullets in any barrel length?
Hornadys website claims aBC under .500 for their 178gr A-Max, so wouldn't you be much better off with the lighter faster bullet?

I know that real life can be a lot different than numbers on a computer, but using a JBM ballistics calculator the 155gr doing 2800fps compared to the Berger 175gr doing 2600fps, the 155gr had less wind drift, less drop and retained more velocity.

Am I missing something important, or is it one of those cases when real life is a lot different than on paper?
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