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RemOil and BP

Gentleman asked me the question does RemOil react w/ BP and cause a tar like residue that is difficult to remove.

My response was that I have not experienced that but my shooting style may be permitting me to commit some sins which under other circumstances don't work out.

I don't shoot a lot and I don't shoot any single firearm a lot. I shoot about two thousand rounds a year and generally take along four or five different weapons. So I don't shoot one revolver or rifle for long periods and a lot of rounds (Max is something like sixty)

I clean pretty quickly and pretty thoroughly.

So given my shooting style I could probably lube with molasses and not get much of a build up.

But how about you guys who shoot for competition, shoot one revolver all day long, don't have a chance to stop to spruce things up?

Do you see any problems with the RemOil

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