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I read the whole thread and never figured out if we were talking about SAA's specifically (which includes replicas) or single action revolvers in general.

USFA made the best SAA's (or replicas) ever produced but sadly, all they have now is the Zipper. Lucky for us who got them before prices skyrocketed. The Colt's have been greatly improved in the last few years but still fall behind USFA in terms of quality and value. The various Uberti and late model Pietta replicas are very good quality and a very good value, while still being much more authentic than any Ruger product.

Freedom Arms makes the best single action revolver ever factory produced. You simply cannot build one any more precisely and their accuracy is unrivaled, despite the claims of 'some' deluded bullseye shooters.

Ruger has made probably the best value in a single action revolver since 1953. Old Models are enough like a Colt to nearly scratch that itch. New Models, not so much but they do have their appeal.

Funny how the Colt fans, like Colt itself, can only nitpick about names and prancing ponies.
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