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The main ability to hit with the first shot from the holster, dry fire and click.
Is so terribly important, that first shot might be the only one you get to fire.

Be sure your pistol is empty, check, and double check.

As you carry concealed, make sure you are concealed. Face a wall (we hope) that would stop a bullet!

I like a strong side holster, quite far back, get your first and final grip on your pistol, lift it clear of the holster, immediately lock your wrist and forearm, level with the floor, drive the nose of the pistol at the place you want the shot to fire.

You smack that gun fist into the waiting support hand, which wraps around that pistol hand, drive that pistol to your eye, it should stop as your sights line up.

The trigger is being compressed as it travels to that stop moving point!

The trigger releases as it stops! Your master eye sees the point you want to shoot! The sights should be between your master eye, and your aiming point!

Start slow, cock, holster, draw and click, over and over. The Punch Draw.

This is better shown live, but I hope you can get the gist of it.

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