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Here is the word from Beretta customer support:

The Model 3032 Tomcat was designed to chamber and fire ammunition sold under the designation of 32 Automatic or 32 ACP from any manufacturer meeting SAAMI or CIP specifications. The manual states not to use 32 Winchester which is an older designation for a revolver cartridge also known as the 32-20. The use of Winchester branded 32 Automatic or Winchester 32 ACP is acceptable in the Tomcat. Additionally, with the introduction of many new high performance loads for the 32 automatic/32 ACP, we recommend that the designated ammunition should not exceed 130 foot pounds of muzzle energy. The muzzle energy information is usually located on the ammunition box or is available from the ammunition manufacturer. If ammunition exceeding this specification must be used it should be fired on a limited basis only, excessive use may shorten the service life of the pistol's components.

(emphasis added)

PMC, the ammo my LGS sells as their range ammo comes in at 126 ft lbs.

My Tomcat does not have a cracked frame, so we shall see....
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