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Here is the latest update.

The Remington 700 SPS Varmint is shooting pretty darn good. I probably need to tweak the load a bit and actually had the wrong loads at the range Monday.

Then. . .I heard the owner of the gunsmith shop had a major stroke. The update today is he is on life support. He is only 36. Heart is working but kidneys are not although they have not shut down. EEG is not good at all. Second one done today. Don't know the results yet.

I picked up my rifle from the shop Monday because I don't want to be hanging if things REALLY get bad.

The guy who worked on my rifle told me last Friday that he had a HS ( I think it is an HS) precision chassis for the short action Remington 700. So I put the action in that stock and it is now ready to go. I have an older Weaver K10 on the rifle and have it boresighted.

I have new brass and once fired brass ready to prime and load and will take that gun to the range on Friday.

The HS chassis is used but looks new and I don't feel bad about putting that rifle down on a bench like I do the walnut one. I have the walnut stock at home and am not sure what to do with it.

The HS chassis was designed for a varmint weight barrel and it is free floated all the way to the action.

The plan is: If the gun shoots well, I will leave it alone and let it share the safe with the SPS and the Ruger M77V.

If the gun does NOT shoot well, I will re-barrel with a varmint size barrel with a faster twist.

I already paid a deposit for a new barrel and I know it has not been ordered yet.

I have told the shop to forget about my deposit and to work on keeping the shop going. I am not going to hold their feet to the fire. There are more serious problems here and I do not want to add to them.

In my life, I have been GREATLY blessed with really good friends and help when I needed it. It is time to pay it forward.

Realistically, it does not look good for the owner of the shop and they are suspending work on major projects and trying to complete some of the smaller jobs to keep the business going.

I hope it all comes together. There have been MANY times I have gone to them for help or advice and it was freely given and they never talk down to people. It is a good thing to keep people and businesses like that running.

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