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Your cheapest handgun.

Originally Posted by larryf1952 View Post
I bought my Jennings J-22 for $56 in 1985. It had an extraction problem, but after I removed the extractor and sharpened the hook to get a better grip on the rim, it ran a lot better.

It's an early model (note the horizontal sliding safety), so I'm sure that collector interest has pushed up its value to at least $56.50 by now.

I got my J-22 at hardware store i guess late 80's the receipt I still have was $65. See they go up! It has the safety that goes up for safe/ down for fire. Was my CCW for many many years,with uncle mikes IWB holster long before CCW licenses were common. Several hundred rounds fired with no problems. It got its first field strip & cleaning just a couple months ago. Mag has been kept loaded since new and still works fine. I don't think I'd take $65.50,now but I don't usually sell guns anyway.
My absolute cheapest guns were the spoke guns we used to make. 2nd cheapest was a antique black powder pistol found in bottom of junk box bought at storage auction for $10
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