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I pocket carry a pf9 daily. I have to admit all jeans are not suited for this. I don't wear them tight, but my tightest pair does not print to anyone but me. I have looked in every mirror and asked a lot of people if they noticed. I can't see the gun unless I am looking for it.

I have noticed that pocket depth makes a bight difference to me. Too deep and you are fishing for it. Too shallow and the grip sticks out or it grinds into my hip bone when I sit. I like pocket carry for what I consider deep concealment. No movements will expose it and if you are in a huggy family like mine, you won't get questioned about the bulge on your hip.

When I try a new pair of jeans the first thing I do is test fit the pf9 before I buy. I also walk with my hands in my pockets or my thumbs in my pockets often which means I am ready to draw. Its not a problem. Its like anything else. You build your comfort level until it becomes second nature.
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