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This one has run on long after I last looked at it.

Maybe Texas doesn't have written into the law that when asked to disarm by a law enforcement officer the armed citizen must, but I believe the officers acted from a position that looked out for their own safety and well being. His rights were not trampled by ignorant officers. He was not arrested for 'legal possession of a firearm'. He was arrested for his own arrogance and refusal to comply.
Sometimes you read something and you just know that this is what happened. It just smells right.

There other little things like this guys "political activity" paint a picture for me. In my time in the Army I have met some like this. While I was in I always had this feeling like I needed to keep out of politics. I voted, but I mostly kept my mouth shut because as I saw it, I was charged with following orders and those orders run all the way up to those civilian officers, the Sec. Army, Sec Def., and the President. Even if I didn't vote for the guy I still owed him something for the position. Almost a "Blue Line" kind of thing.

Now a guy like this, a MSG that spouts off, I see arrogance in that. He's a big guy and above a lowly local cop, and he knows the law and therefor he doesn't have to comply with an officers request.

Even if the cops don't charge him he could be in a world of hurt if his Command goes after him. Military regulations have a whole lot of wiggle room when someone wants to go after an embarrassment.

It was at the officers discretion to enforce (8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm.
Naaa, I think the officers responded to the call like they should have. They asked the guy to put the gun down so they could talk. I think he got smart mouthed with them and that is just not the way you talk to cops, not when you have a weapon in your hands. The charge is just a better way of saying "We arrested this guy for being stupid when all he had to do was cooperate".
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