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csmsss "what evidence is there that Sgt. Grisham violated any laws or gave the arresting officers any cause to forcibly disarm him?"

Please believe me. It cringes my very soul to even write this. I think that, given the law as it is written in TX, the 911 call from an "alarmed citizen" was probable cause for the stop. It was at the officers discretion to enforce (8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm. Ultimately, it would be up to the court to decide if the MSG truly violated this poorly written, horribly miserable piece of law. I don't, at this point, believe the questioning and detention of this guy to be against the law. Just think about this honestly; It could have been that, from a distance, it may have looked like the MSG was at a port of arms rather than his rifle being attached to his gear. This would have caused the officer to stop and speak to the individual rather than a simple drive-by. It is my belief that things escalated out of control form there. I think the professionalism we pay for and expect of our police was damaged by this. Still, based on that stupidly written law (really, how can you PROVE it was CALCULATED to cause alarm in the way it was displayed?), I believe the MSG could have been cited legally. As far as questioning the kid, well, I find no excuse or reason for that. I am not saying the defense has a rock solid case. The prosecutor pretty much admitted that by lessening the charges. Besides, the article that I posted earlier has an attorney that completely disagrees with his arrest. Time will tell, I suppose. Then again, rude isn't necessarily calculating...

In relation to my previous point about Rosa Parks; I say that anyone standing up for their rights is just like Rosa Parks. I am sure that there were people who scoffed at her sitting on the bus, implying that it was a trivial gesture and that she has some personal agenda to push. I am sure that if blogging was available then, she probably would have said some pretty controversial things. The only difference between her and anyone else standing up for their rights is coverage and the wining side writing history.
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