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I tend to err on the size of "over-oiling", if there be such a thing. I use a teflon-based lube that I got years ago and cannot even read the label any more, so I can't tell you exactly what it is I'm using, but any metal surface that might ride against another metal surface gets coated - and I mean coated - with lube. Slide rails, swinging links, lug grooves in the slide, hammer, grip safety - all of these things get special attention. By that I mean they get coated, then get a few extra drops just as a precaution. By the time I am finished re-assembling the pistol, it is dripping out of every groove and orifice - but a couple of thorough wipe-downs with a microfiber towel wicks up the excess and the result is an uber-slick action that I never worry about being under-lubricated. And I don't have any issues with my pistol picking up debris in the action (though I don't drag it through laundry lint or dust either).
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