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Midway shipping order or not?

The snail mail is actually UPS moving the post office's packages for them. UPS delivers it to the post office so they can make the final delivery (Sure Post). FedEx does the same deal (Smart Post). It's The big companies making a bit of money from the post office and the post office saving money since it'd cost more to ship it the whole way by themselves. And it's usually cheaper than all of the other shipping options for the customer but also takes an extra day usually for delivery since instead of your local driver delivering it to your front door, he delivers the package to your post office and they deliver it the next day. Unless of course you have a UPS package being delivered too on the same day then UPS will deliver both to your house since they're going there anyway.

I've never, not once, had a package shipped through either UPS or FedEx go through and get delivered without one update in the process. Your package is scanned in and out of at least 3 buildings in the ground shipping process. It might miss one scan but not all 8 (3 ins, 3 outs plus the picked up scan and delivered scan). Now with USPS, that's a different story. It accepts your usps tracking number but gives you no information until its delivered. Must be a USPS UPS acronym mix up.

Signed UPS driver.

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