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Usually wear loose fitting Western style jeans and denim jacket.

It is possible to draw quickly from an ankle holster.

For ankle carry: the 32 or 380 ACP Walther PPK, the 380 Sig P238, the S&W J frame 38 spl, the 9mm or 40 S&W Walther PPS, Charter Arms 44 spl, or AMT BACKUP 45.

Mostly wear shoes, but if in boots, one is stuffed with a PPK or Sig P238.

Always carry an ankle BUG, currently the Charter Arms gets the nod since I like the 44 spl cartridge, a most capable and accurate (yet underrated) cartridge.

Another beauty of ankle carry is that it takes the strain off the back, should the back be an issue.

For pocket carry the short boot grip J-frame 38 spl can be carried in any pocket, ditto the Sig P238... the Sig P238 can even be carried in an outside denim jacket chest pocket. The inside pockets of a Western style denim jacket are quite sturdy and will tolerate a lightweight S&W Night Guard 44 spl or a 45 ACP SW99.

Mr. Wright... its time you bought yourself a denim jacket.

All the best.
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