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My explanation as to why people have largely kept firearms low key or completely out of sight like being underground, it’s an adaptive change because of the environment. The turning point, I think, was somewhere around the year 1968. It was a time firearms where comparatively highly visible from department stores like Montgomery Wards, Kmart and others to pawn shops, it was very much the norm. A handgun can be purchased via mail order or if you needed more immediacy just drop by the local hardware store that had a decent selection.

Today virtually all the above avenues of firearm acquisition have disappeared hindered by paperwork, waiting periods and fees. The days of being able to carry a long gun in a case on mass transit or on a motorcycle are long gone.

In recent times I had the pleasure of saying to Leo (a fellow member of the Buddhist church) I told you so, the complete defeat of gun control. Yet he says, like the media, it will resume at a later date. Leo is from the land of the big tamale and like most of foreign origin but not all, he is pro gun control. I think the state of NY is similar.
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