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my review Nighthawk Custom Training / MAG40

In case anyone is on the fence, here is a small review of my recent training experience in NW Arkansas. Had a great time.

When I contacted Jon from Nighthawk Custom Training, I had no idea what to expect. I had wanted to take MAG40 for some time. I had listened to a couple of different podcasts where Jon Hodoway was the guest speaker. Jon seemed to have a good sense of humor. One particular thing stood out to me, when Jon stated his opinion it was drawn from a solid knowledge base. He wasn’t afraid if it wasn’t popular at the time or the current training trend. He would give a “I do this particular thing and this is why” no dressing applied, I liked that. At the same time Jon (and Mas) would teach you a couple (or more) of different techniques and explain, find the one that works for you, not the “here is one technique and it’s the best so use it” mentality.

The entire training event was well planned and had accommodations very well in order for us. From the hotel arrangements to the great food around NW Arkansas. Everything went very smooth. One thing I noticed about Jon, he went out of his way to make sure everyone at the class had anything they needed to be comfortable, from ammo to aspirin.

The staff at the range made sure everything was conducted in a safe, controlled learning manner. They shot the course before we did not only can they teach it but they can perform it.

The Nighthawk factory was interesting and educational. The Nighthawk guns are really an awesome, working piece of artwork. All the people there were like the rest of the good folks from that area. You can see the Nighthawk people are very passionate about their work making the BEST firearm possible.

At the class Massad Ayoob delivers a wealth of knowledge. Even at the breaks we would continue to absorb information from him. He has a great sense of humor and makes a wonderful educator. I’m not sure you can put a number to the amount of people he has helped through one media or another. As I believe Jon said, if there is only one training class you could take MAG40 should be it.

Another great blessing to Nighthawk Custom Training is the photographer Kim. I never considered how difficult it would be to take pictures while you are trying to learn. Kim does an awesome job with the camera. She seems to have a natural eye for making some wonderful shots better than I could ever hope to take. Kim’s work with the lens is a great way to document the training memories. Oh, she also has great eye for cool vehicles too.

In conclusion, the entire experience is a wonderful way to spend four or five days with some very good people. They offer training that truly makes you a better shooter.

Jim M.
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