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1. Can we agree that this settles the "how well will Glocks hold up???" questions?
no we can not. why? because Glock has severely fallen from the high road. that was a freak occurence in that glock, I defy anyone to grab a glock off their LGS shelves and run a third of a million rounds through it. that was also a generation 1 glock, the one that built glocks reputation. the new 3rd and 4th generation glocks are notorious for throwing brass in the shooters face and gen 4 had a full scale recall last year to address reliability issues that is still ongoing.

2. The recoil and firing pin springs both averaged a life of ~170000 rounds. Certainly challenges those people who claim you "must" change them every few thousand rounds.
different standards of manufacture back then and even if it wasn't the springs used in modern glocks are completely different designs and none of them have seen stress tests anywhere close to 100,000 rounds no less 340,000.

3. Even assuming an average cost of $0.10 per round, this $500 gun has fired $35,000 worth of ammo. Kind of mind boggling.
yes, quite mind boggling considering that nowadays it's closer to $100,000 in ammo prices.
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