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This is definitely NOT a fake, everything is exactly the way business correspondence of the mid-199ies would appear like (even the details at the header and footer are appropriate).

I have a picture of a letter on a website saying this and has this company name on it as well as reference to someone who might exist....What if it's a fake letter?

What website is this?

Is it on the company that made the claim?

Do they have an interest to lie for their benifit?

Did they have a press release officailly?

Why did they spend so much money to do it? For Glock or sales of their ammmo?

Help me out i am missing something here.

Is what they and you are saying, like saying that Shell Gasoline ran a test on a chevy truck with a 5.7Ltr V8 and got 50 million miles using theier oil and gas and this proves that GM is the best?
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