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Make your own way !!!

It smells like an "old folks home". I am told there is an "unscented" variety but my guestion would be, "Why, in the name of God, would there be a scented version?"
Well, for starters, they never really intend to create a scented version, although they did put in an additive to keep it from going racid, which is what you smell. I believe the additive is called, Wintergreen. Then some folks found that smell unpleasant. So, "then" they came out with another version that is pine scented and still prevent it from going racid. It's not all that important nor should it be a hang-up. ....

As Stated earlier, there is a time and place for BB and it is entirely your call. There are better lubricants and surface coatings, by a county mile. Again, I use it kind of like PAM, to coat fire-surface areas to prevent carbon and fouling from sticking. It does work and makes cleaning easier. It is also used by some, to "season" a barrel and that will conjure up more debate. ....

I am a veritable gold mine of misinfomation. I shoot from the hip about 60 percent of the time. I never let my ignorance prevent me from rendering an opinion.
As in most replies we have our ways; mostly good and I too would encourage all to try and make your own way. The only time I draw the line, is on matters of safety. ...

I'd rather have a sister in a whore house than use Bore Butter
You can take the man out of the Navy but you can't take the Navy, out of the man .....

Be Safe !!!
'Fundamental truths' are easy to recognize because they are verified daily through simple observation and thus, require no testing.

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