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Didn't get the link right before, now I could take a look at the document.

This is definitely NOT a fake, everything is exactly the way business correspondence of the mid-199ies would appear like (even the details at the header and footer are appropriate). It also makes sense since these two companies have worked together closely, one being the main supplier for ammunition for the Austrian Army, the other one for pistols...

Given the spelling, I believe that it's been adopted into German from French.
LOL No, that's Austrian German. We like fancy sounding french vocabulary Everything else is interpreted 100% correctly, compliments to Merad and Spats McGee!

PS, for all who are interested in the abbrevations:
VMRK = full metal jacket, round nose
FL = factory load - that's English anyway
HP = "Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik", meaning "Hirtenberger Ammunition Plant"
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