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I have not taken any pictures yet, but I picked up an Ithica 37 20" 7+1 shot with walnut furniture. Empty it is 6.7#...full of 2 3/4 Buckshot it weighs the same as an 870 empty @ 7.5# Those weights are without any of the tacti-cool accessories that can be added.

I have a few 37's and gave my 870 to my dad a few months ago. I prefer the 37, as the action is much more smooth, the weight is less (in spite of being all wood and steel) the trigger is more crisp and I have a 1947 version that has been through all kinds of crappy conditions and has never had as much as a mechanical hiccup.

The so called "tactical reload" is different than the remington, as the ejection and loading are from the bottom and takes some getting used too. My 5 shot Ithica only weighs 6.3# empty and 6.8# full. May not be everyone's cup of tea...but it was a 200 dollar purchase from a retired cop who had it since 1975 and only put about 100 rounds through her.
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