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Originally Posted by SpareMag
Didn't know Taurus had a comparable to the Tomcat....
They don't. They offer a couple of models that are comparable to the Beretta 21 Bobcat in .25ACP or .22LR, but not a tip-up in .32ACP.
Originally Posted by Wreck-n-Crew
If you decide to keep it you probably already know not to use +p or +p+ ammo.
I'm not aware of any major ammo manufacturer that offers a +P+ load in .32ACP, but you're certainly correct about +P. FWIW ammo advertised as +P for any pistol cartridge other than 9mm Luger, .38 Special, .45ACP, or .38 Super is probably loaded in excess of SAAMI specifications and will void most pistol warranties.

Although I'm not an expert on Tomcats, many owners of the "narrow slide" versions seem to agree that it's best to stick with American ammo for practice. European .32ACP ammo- particularly Fiocchi- is loaded noticeably hotter than the American stuff. [EDIT: I took my time writing this post, and I see that Rogervzv beat me to it with detailed ammo info; if you check the link, you'll notice that most of the loads that approach or exceed 130 FPE are European.]

In addition, if you aren't familiar with .32ACP pistols in general, be aware that some individual .32's aren't reliable with 60-65gr JHP bullets. The issue isn't pressure; the issue is that .32ACP is a semi-rimmed cartridge, and these loads are physically shorter than standard 71-73gr FMJ, so they may shift in the magazine under recoil and cause double-feeds (i.e. the rim of the cartridge above hangs up on the rim of the cartridge below).
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