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Never got on the +p bandwagon...always figgered if I wanted a .44mag, I should get a .44 mag, not a hotted up .380 pushed to .44 mag ballistics.

The IDEA was to get this as an alternate CC piece for my wife who is using a Colt Agent .38, which is fine. She gets along well with revolvers but has problems chambering autos. The Tomcat, with the tip-up barrel seemed the perfect response with small size and easy accessibility. An SD .32 round should offer acceptable recoil for her small hands and a bullet of any caliber in the throat is gonna stop just about any threat.

(Ruger LCP did not fire consistently for her and trigger pull is too long and too stout. KelTec 3P fired well, but again the long, hard trigger was an issue)

So, a brilliant analysis by any standard, flawed only by my not actually investigating the Tomcat....
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