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That is a pretty good question.

I shoot a Club Defensive Pistol Match every other month. This month I ran my 2" Snub, 4" S&W 64, 4" S&W 686, and my 1911 Colt, I entry each. Total 200 rounds.

On the off month we shoot Steel with our handguns. Probably 150 rounds.

Three Gun Match every month: Handgun 40, Shotgun 10, Carbine 90
Some times I run it as a Two Gun and do not shoot shotgun.

Over the course of the year no telling how much I shoot other than at matches.

Between my brother and I we go through around a case or a little more of small pistol Primers a year loading mainly 38 Special. That is 2500 rounds of 38 Special each. 2500/12 = 208 rounds a month.

Then we have 45 acp, 40 S&W/10mm, and rimfire. Probably another 200 a month minimum.

I had never really looked at the numbers before. Looks like I would probably run about 240 a month shooting matches, and probably about that amount again just shooting in general. Around 500 a month total.


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