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Beretta 3032 Tomcat and...yeah..cracked frame question


Have always wanted a Tomcat, so I finally got one off Gunbroker, looks barely used.

Typical for me, now that I have a piece, I start researching it, and find I have the narrow slide version which is prone to frame cracking.

The SN is: DAA091xxx

Is frame cracking a foregone conclusion, and I should sell it now before I get attached to it?

Being the who knows how many owners down the line, will Beretta support MY Tomcat?

I have two other Berettas, the 70S which I LOVE aside from the safety unintentionally engaging if my grip is off, and the 9000S which I like but with which I can't hit a blasted thing...but that is my issue, not the weapon's.

Anyway, long way of saying that I didn't research the Tomcat because my other Berettas have been so utterly reliable, the idea of a bad Beretta never occurred.

Thx for any comments!
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