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Trip report

Had to come to western, VA for a conference and stopped at a coupla gun shops.

(Sheesh...Why do they call them gun shops?! They sell firearms, not guns)

Okay...Off the soap box.

Alleghany Arms in Convington. (1023 S Highlands) Nice shop. Has a good range of used weapons plus sells new Taurus, Glock and Smith and Wesson. Also has some of the more recent 1911 mini's (ATI I think) They are kind of sweet. Just like the original inoperation and appearance but almost small enough for CC.

He had an Oviedo Mauser 7 x 57 for 159.00. It is way out of my interest range (Don't want to start loading smokeless and don't want to get into yet another caliber) but I almost bought it anyway. The action and bore are superb but the stock is badly cracked and badly repaired.

He had three different kinds of BP subs. Prices were a buck more than the big guys but I bought two cannisters anyway. He also does light gunsmithing in the store. (Drill and tap for scope and such)

Then went to Mountain Top at 212 N Monroe also in Covington. Shop is a little smaller but he had a good selection of battle rifles. Mosin Nagant, a Jap, and one other which I did not examine because it was already sold. He did not keep or sell loose powder.

These two guy represent (IMNSHO) a treasure that we should work to preserve.

And....This is one of the most beautiful parts of VA. Those who are close might want to drop by.

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