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Maniac Cop II...

I saw the B movie classic: Maniac Cop II last weekend on Direct TV & the main character buzzed thru a police station with a Calico 9x19mm SMG.

For you youngsters, the Calico SMG & the street legal semi-auto pistol version, was a 9x19mm(9mm Luger) that used polymer drums or containers holding 50-100 rounds, .
The weapon was not light but it was handy in CQB or SWAT ops.
I remember gun writer & SWAT tactics expert; Gary Paul Johnson doing a few early 1990s write-ups about the Calico. His SMG had white lights lasers turn-signals etc .

.22LR Calico weapons were also produced.
Fun fact: if you see the hit comedy; Spaceballs, watch the ray guns the bad use. Those are the .22LR rifles.

Little is known about Calico. Like the more recent KRISS .45acp SMG, it just never really took off with US law enforcement or security professionals.

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