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I'm not greedy......

Back when my (now) wife and I were going out, one time she asked me just how many guns I wanted. At the time I had 4 rifles, 2 shotguns and one handgun...

I told her, with complete honesty (at the time) that "I'm not greedy, I'll settle for one of each..."

She may not have understood that I meant make, model, caliber, barrel length, etc, but over the past 37 years she has learned....

And, to be perfectly honest today, not only am I a long way from "one of each" but I have identical multiples of certain favorites, as well as groups of identical models in different calibers.

Yes, I'm in the over 75 club, and not made of money, or even close. Just blessed with an understanding wife with low desire for typical feminine material goods.

I have sold a few, from time to time over the years, as excess to desire (forgot NEED, I had need covered before I graduated highschool), but that usually means I get something else. Last gun show I took a gun to, to sell or trade, I did just that. Left one rifle, came home with a different rifle and two pistols.

These days, I don't buy as much as I used to, mostly because of the outrageous prices today, and because of the things I am interested in getting are rare. Nearly every gun or caliber I was ever interested in I have, or have had at least one example to check out. And I am not very interested in much that is new these days.

Several people have posted their wish lists, and reading them, I find a lot of things that I have, or have had.

I'm also currently set up to reload for 32 rifle and 11 handgun centerfire cartridges (having multiple guns in some calibers) as well as a bunch of .22RFs and some shotguns.

I don't have a single safe queen, meaning a gun I never intend to shoot, but I do have a dozen plus (currently) that I fully intend to shoot, just haven't gotten arount to it, yet....and I have quite a few that I haven't shot in some years, but I will shoot them again, someday....

My 14th birthday present was a Winchester .22. I'm within a handful of mandatory retirement age, and I still have my first deer rifle and my first shotgun. I inherited some of my Dad's collection when he passed on, and others from other family members...

In time, others will benefit from my collection, my Grandfather's shotgun will go to a grandchild when the time is right. Some of my Dad's guns will go to my kids or their kids, when the time is right, etc.

I realized that maybe the time ought to be coming up for some of them, sooner than later when I talked to my son the other day, and he told me about the deal he got on a Ruger Super Blackhawk...if I had known he was looking for one, I would have given him the one I've got kicking around here somewhere.....I almost felt greedy.....

All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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