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The only way I pocket carry for a few minutes is in the mornings when I get up, throw on a pair of VS secret sweat pants and a shirt to take my son to school. I use my DeSantis Nemesis that I keep my gun in at night on my nightstand, and put it in the pocket of my sweats to run him to school.

Otherwise, I carry IWB the rest of the time. I like my gun feeling closer and more secure against me than floating around in my sweat pants pocket. As for jeans, the majority of the ones I wear are by Ann Taylor and there isn't room, nor would I want to pocket carry on a regular basis. The same for ankle carry. If I'm wearing my boots, not feasible, and if I'm wearing heels, I'm still not going to do it. I just prefer IWB so I can get to my gun easiest and quickest for me.
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