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Gen 1 Glock 17 with 348000 rounds fired

The letter translation, courtesy of a user at the forum where I first saw this:


Dear gentlemen!

The hereby rendered weapon Glock 17 number AC 428 has been strained with 348'210 rounds during functional and endurance firing.

The firing has been done exclusively with Hirtenberger ammunition. The following types have been used mostly: 65% 30% 5%

Up to the mentioned number of bullets after which the barrel lacerated, no gross errors have occured.

The firing pin spring and recoil spring have each been replaced once.

The weapon would be fully functional again if fitted with a replacement barrel.

We remain with our best thanks for your obligingness sincerly yours

Hirtenberger incorporation
My main thoughts:

1. Can we agree that this settles the "how well will Glocks hold up???" questions?
2. The recoil and firing pin springs both averaged a life of ~170000 rounds. Certainly challenges those people who claim you "must" change them every few thousand rounds.
3. Even assuming an average cost of $0.10 per round, this $500 gun has fired $35,000 worth of ammo. Kind of mind boggling.
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