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Bob Wright
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Pocket Carry? Ankle Holster?

I see the question come up concerning pocket carry, and at times, ankle holsters. This makes me curious, as I can in no way conceive of either being practical to me, nor to most men I know.

My usual daily attire is jeans, either Lee or Wrangler, Wrangler long sleeve shirt, and western boots. Sundays its Wrangler Wranchers, dress shirt, and sport coat. Most of my friends wear similar clothing, maybe Dockers or similar casual trousers.

With jeans, there is no way I could put even the smallest pistol in my pocket with any hope of getting it into action in a reasonable time. And boots certainly aren't conducive to ankle holsters.

So how do y'all dress to go out into public daily that permits pocket carry?

Bob Wright
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