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The excessively large chambers of the SMLE Lee Enfield .303 No. 1 Mk. III or No. 4 rifle make reloading for the .303 a little more technically difficulty (neck sizing is a necessary or case life will be very short due to significant case expansion upon firing a factory round) compared to reloading for other rifle cartridges.

Really it comes down to a lack of good inexpensive ammunition choices for the .303 vs the abundance of very ugly but economical modern hunting rifles in 30'06.

When you can buy a Savage Axis or Ruger American rifle and achieve MOA to 1.5 MOA accuracy with factory ammunition for less than $400, why search for a beatup WWII relic or sporterized Enfield that will probably only get groups approaching 3 MOA on a good day (with handloads). For a collector or fan of WWII, the Enfield will always be treasured but as a practical hunting or plinking rifle, there are much better and cheaper choices available in the US.

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