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The original Brigadier is the full double-stack grip with a heavier slide. Doesn't sound like that is what you want since you mentioned smaller hands. I admit that the M92 has a big grip and long reach for that DA first shot. In fact, I wonder how the smaller US troops manage it.

Are you asking about the Vertec version of the M92, which has a straighter backstrap on the grip and still is a double-stack pistol? I think there was a Vertec Brigadier. Is that what you have seen? It would be better than the non-Vertec and I thought it felt good and pointed nicely when I handled (but didn't shoot) one. But I do fine with the M92 double stack so that will not mean much to you.

For a single stack M92, the model is called the Compact Type M. It has a slightly shorter slide and uses an 8-round magazine. That would be just the ticket for smaller hands which are wanting to shoot the great M92 design. It may even still be in production. I greatly like the Compact M92 and have the double stack version.

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