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WVSig, that looks like the rare black 9mm Ladysmith, which was called the "Lady Smith". S&W had at least 3 variations of that name.

I have only ever seen 2 of those since they were only made in black for one year, I believe. And I bought the first one I saw. It has been a regular carry gun for years, only recently replaced by the XDs.

Naturally any 3914 will work just as well as the Ladysmith, it is just that I liked the sloped portion of the frame in front of the hammer. But the downside is that the blued slide doesn't have a tough finish and mine is looking more and more like it is not blued. Since I believe it is carbon steel, not SS, I have to be careful of rust.

My regret is that I long ago sold the DA only version of the 3913 (stainless). I believe it was the 3953 in the secret S&W coding method

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