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Originally Posted by JimDandy
How does a state law that: bans the import of _________ into the state not run afoul of the Interstate Commerce Clause?...
The short answer is that it's a lot more complicated than that.

The Commerce Clause gives Congress a certain authority to enact legislation.

On the other hand, when a State's exercise of its police powers results in an impermissible "undue burden on interstate commerce" depends on a lot of factors. There are examples of a State's exercise of its police power permissibly inhibiting or burdening interstate travel or commerce. For example --
  1. States have permissibly imposed agricultural quarantines and prohibited the importation of certain produce.

  2. States may refuse to recognize certain professional licenses issued by other States. Thus someone licensed as a physician in one State can't simply move to another and open a practice.

  3. States may, to some extent, regulate the weight and size of trucks permitted to use their roads.
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