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I understand the arguements on both sides.I think they all did poorly.

The application of courtesy would have gone a long way,I think.

I can be approached by an LEO,and I think"This guy wants to see his family again"

That does not mean I lay down and wet myself,it means I defer to his security,as a courtesy.How I move,what I do with my hands,when I say"I have that in the console,OK to open it?

I do what I can to let him/her just do their job.Checking out a man with an AR,might be his job.

I know I will never,ever win a power struggle with an LEO.They just cannot be effective by backing down.

If there is problem,it reasonable to state it."Am I detained?Am I free to go?"

You might find a bad LEO,one just pulled a gun because McDonalds was moving too slow.

File a complaint,use the system,sue,fine.

But,IMO,in the moment,in the field,a cockroach who argues with a chicken is always wrong.
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