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Too many choices once you enter a used market...

I think I do like k-frame S&W best for fit and as I said before, I do not intend to use magnum loads, as it hardly makes any sense on the 25 yard range. So, other than for a nightstand and occasional fun rounds 357 will not be used, thus no issue with a questionable stability of k-frame with steady magnum loads feeding. Therefore, considering this is going to be a 99% target shooting gun, it looks like I have three options:

Model 14 - nice 6" barrel, great accuracy and can be found in $400 - $500 in good condition. Lacks an ability to shot 357 though.

Model 19 - as nice as model 14, but with ability to feed magnum loads occasionally and more expensive: $600 - $700 in good condition

Model 66 - stainless, which doesn't look as cool, but more practical. 4" barrel probably not as accurate for aiming as 6", but close enough, I guess. $500 - $700 in good condition

Did I miss anything else target worthy in k-frame? :-))) Thanks.
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