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Lots of great guns to choose from. I personally like the Beretta PX4, Type "F" full size. I like the decocker safety. I can drop it, knock it and the safety stays on. If for some reason I did manage to knock it off safety (very hard to do in a thumb over holster), I'd still have to work a DA trigger on the first round. I bump about to much to have a simple safety w/ a single action trigger pull to chance it. I also like the less perceived recoil of the twist barrel for follow up shots. I also use the Hogue HandAll. The perceived recoil felt less than my SR9 by comparison. The only negative I have is for the twist to occur, you have more tracks in the slide than a standard semi-pistol. Not a big deal, but it does add a few more minutes to cleaning and greasing if you don't like that sort of thing. I do use grease and not oil for the metal/metal contacts. That also eliminates gun oil from draining out onto your clothing if you get too carried away.
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