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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca
And I don't buy the argument that her cognitive functions are unimpaired
I don't either. The bullet path, from above her left eyebrow to the back left of her skull, while not fatal or catastrophic in this case, clearly changed her personality.

WebMD has an article on her injury, which includes this:
Nina Zeldis, PhD, taught rehabilitation medicine at Israel's Tel Aviv University for more than 20 years. She notes that people who, like Giffords, have suffered damage to the left side of the brain tend to have:

difficulty speaking and understanding speech
difficulty reading
increased impulsivity
lack of emotional control
decreased problem-solving ability
diminished long-term planning
problems with hand/eye coordination
Observing her January 2013 statement to Congress, compared to earlier videos, I can't help but think that they are showing different people.

The legal system may not recognize this as a murder, but I think that this was murder. The current Gabrielle Giffords has little interest in anything political other than gun control. Whether the anti-gun crusade is her own (a result of the executive function damage she sustained), or whether she is so mentally compromised that the gun control statement she read to Congress was fed to her by her husband or handlers, who can say.
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