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Gun ownership only increases, it never decreases. Here's why. Since most guns made since about 1900 are still serviceable today, every time a gun is manufactured, that just adds to the total number of guns available for us to own.

Most people who have guns have more guns than children. So, a high percentage of all children of a gun owner will also become gun owners some day. While this is happening, gun manufactures continue to make guns at record speed. We have more gun manufacturers working around the clock to produced good quality firearms that will last at least 100 years. Non-gun owners are buying guns for the first time all the time. We see it here, in gun stores, among friends - everywhere.

The NRA membership is at an all time high - in fact, I believe they are having a heck of a time just staying on top of all of the new NRA memberships.

Now, if the Senate believed the accuracy of some of these media polls out there, they wouldn't have backed off of gun control legislation. The fact is, the Senators know the real numbers, and that is what backed them off of more gun control legislation.
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