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A false dichotomy has been created that if you don't support every bill that is proposed you are in favor of shooting up elementary schools.

That's a huge part of the anti-gun playbook. If I don't support their proposals, I'm a bad person and I want blood to run in the streets.

Sandy Hook was a bonanza for them, because it gave them plenty of sock puppets to bolster that allegation.
Politics 101. I had a guy running for state rep come to my door looking for votes back in the eighties. He wanted to talk so I invited him in and offered him a beverage and a seat. After some banter about some issues I really did not care about at the time, I asked him how he felt about repealing the 55 speed limit.
He went off on some tirade about how I wanted to go speeding through school zones running over kindergartners and he would ever support a bill like that. If he had said that he didn't support it for economical, ecological or even safety reasons on the interstate that my question referred to I would have voted for him. But his illogical response lost this vote.
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