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I understand about the prosecutor reducing the charges and the possible reasons for that. I think that my initial rxn would have been different had I armed myself with the Texas statutes. Please don't misunderstand me. I am ALL for people standing up for their civil rights and liberties! YEARS ago, I took a social movements class. It seems like, the only way to induce change is to offend some people in some manner or another. I thought the officers reason, per the recording, at any rate, for arresting the MSG was ridiculous. I think now that, as ridiculous as it is AND sounds, it seems as if it may have at least some legal merit in the state of Texas. I am merely conceding that point.

I also agree with you in that although Angel1495 did make a good point about citing the law, his arguments were flawed as they only pertained to handguns. I didn't care so much as to point it out. I only wanted to stick with what I found to be constructive as arguments here can, at times, get inflamed easily.

I appreciate your responses. I think that your points are always well thought out. I especially liked your insight in the use of drones argument. You dominated that thread in my opinion!

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