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The method of operation for the dishonest politician is to confuse or obfuscate the issue at hand. So the civilian AR-15s are no different than the fully automatic military versions. The .223 round is "high powered". Banning assaut weapons (semi-automatic rifles) will create a safer society. And if 90% of Americans support background checks, then of course 90% of Americans support their proposed new expanded universal background checks. Those unfamiliar with firearms and history, tend to accept such claims at face value.
I have to say I like this statement. D. Feinstein was on the Sunday Fox News show and mentioned machine guns as being outlawed or illegal for civilians. That simply is not true. Since she should be informed by this time, I would have to say she is probably dishonest in her comments about "assault weapons" and "machine guns". Most people would accept her statement at face value since she ought to know what is true.
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