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Glock 33rd mag

I'm surely not a prepper, but the recent economical developmants here in Europe makes one thoughtful, after all. In case of public unrest, riots and shortage of basic supplies (like it's already perceptible at the fringes of the EU), it is surely not the worst idea to keep a handgun in reserve. However, since I can't afford the time (and money) to practice a lot, I guess comes push to shove I'd be more of the "spray and pray" persuasion. Hence I wondered whether a 33rds mag would be a good idea...

Is it reliable? And can you handle the gun as long as it's fully loaded?

I'd be grateful for first hand experience since it's an item not cheap enough for just buying and trying.


PS: Yes, I'd better buy a shotgun, I know, but I don't have enough space for a long gun safe
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