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While I agree with you Spats, why must we have to go thought it each and every time, for each and every transaction (if certain parties have their way). Each time an NICS check is run, that's one more opportunity for some minimum wage part timer answering the phone to transpose a letter or number and hit you or I with a Deny response. Eventually it will happen.
As for the overwhelming load - I'm not sure I'm buying that excuse either. The difference between running NICS checks on 1/5 of the population 3 to 20 times each in the course of a few years is actually more than running the entire population over a 5 year period. After all, if we are to go by what the Founding Fathers discussed in the Federalist Papers, and enumerated in the 2nd Amendment - the intent was for every man to be armed and ready to come tothe call of his country. If there are some who, for one reason or another should not be burdened with that - for whatever reason (and I am not proposing that that reason be displayed on the photo ID) I think the average person should be able to be responsibly informed. But I also happen to think that if you can't be trusted with a gun, than you shouldn't be trusted to hold public office either....But that's just me.
I'm just looking for one line
"NICS = Pass" or "NICS = Deny" & there would be no "delay" nor obligation to explain.
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