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1911's like to run on the "wet" side....

Don't put so much oil on it ...that it splatters back on your shirt...but in general:

a. I oil the frame - the rails where the slide and frame slide..../ oil both slide and frame.

b. I oil the inside of slide - where barrel bushing fits into the slide ..and I oil outside and inside of bushing too.

c. I oil the grooves in the top of the slide...where the barrel locks into slide.

d. On barrel, I oil the whole barrel - more toward front than back ...and the link.
You don't want a lot of oil seeping down inside the frame ...but you don't want the trigger to be dry ( but you should learn how to break the gun down to a bare lube the trigger, the channel it rides in, main spring, hammer strut, other pins, etc ....and extractor (whether internal or external ) ...and the firing pin spring inside the slide.

Recoil spring / guide rod - don't need much....
Then just wipe it down and shoot it ...
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