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And I don't buy the argument that her cognitive functions are unimpaired,
I don't either.

She was shot in the head, almost died. Her friends died as did supporters.

She was traumatized, she has also been turned into a puppet by her "friends" and from what I have seen, a husband who is more then willing to throw his hat into the same ring.

I would no more rely on this women's judgment then I would allow her to sit as an impartial witness in a shooting trial. I don't doubt she had a hand in the writing of that article and her ability to think logically is at least, on this subject, seriously impaired by her emotions regarding the same.

No one should be putting any thought into what Gabby Giffords has to say about guns.

And I too am very sorry about what happened to her and the others just 70 miles from my home.

Perhaps. just perhaps, those Senators didn't vote for the gun control bills because despite their high and noble sounding titles, the actual laws proposed were absolute crap.
Further more, I think you'll find some of the Senators who opposed this bill also oppose it on a 10th Amendment level as well. But they'll take the favors of 2A supports just as well even if that isn't why they oppose the legislation.
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