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Re: I sold my AR15 for this....

Range report

Went to my dads with some clays to check this baby out. Here is how it went:
I was shooting Remington 2.75 #8 1&1/8oz 3dram eq. (mainly because it was on sale.)

I used the imp cylinder choke.

Took 10 warm up shots to check the functioning of the SX3. First two single round string no problem. Reloaded and fired a 2 shot string. Gun cycled but the third shell was under the bolt on the bolt carrier. This was the only failure to feed and it has only happened once.

Shot a 25 clay string and gun performed flawlessly. I on the other hand missed 10 clays on the first shot and hit only 5 of those on the follow up. Shot a total of 55rounds today.

Recoil was almost non existing. Prolonged shooting will not be an issue with this gun.

Disassembled the SX3 just for s&g's to check how much buildup there was as this is the first autoloader I have ever owned. I was surprised how little residue there was. Wiped it down since I had it apart. I plan on going back and shoot it until it ftf or fte.

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