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I remember when Representative Giffords was shot, there were numerous testimonials of how she reached across the aisle, listened to, and respected other people's opinions. It seems to me that either those testimonies were false or she has abandoned her previous virtues in that regard.
I would really love to be wrong on this, . . . but my guess is that both she and her husband (in greater or lesser degrees) are angry about what the shooting has stolen from them individually and as a couple.

Their reaction is simply to use the event as a stage from which to exact penance from those who failed in the first place to prevent these events.

In other words, . . . gun control has become a cash cow for them, . . . and they are going to run with it. No, . . . no one will ever admit or confess to that end, . . . but in the end, . . . money talks, . . . ________ walks.

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